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If You’re Coming To Long Beach On Business, It’s Nice To Be Near The Beach

If your company has sent you to Long Beach for a long stay, the chances are that you won’t want to live in some antiseptic hotel where the price of drinks and meals is through the roof, there are all sorts of extra expenses, and you are expected to give tips on top of all that. Continue reading

Long Beach Corporate Housing Leader, Key Housing, Announces Post on the ‘Value-Add’ of Extended Stay Corporate Apartments

Long Beach, California – December 27, 2016. Key Housing, one of the top corporate housing services in Long Beach, California, is proud to announce a post concerning the value-add of extended stay apartments. Contracted employees or executives flying in to conduct business in Long Beach and nearby Southern California communities can cost companies thousands in hotel stays and miscellaneous expenses. Continue reading

Long Beach Corporate Rentals Give You a Lot to Choose From

There is still a decent stretch of beach left at Long Beach, but chances are good that’s not what has you considering Long Beach as a destination. Instead, if Long Beach corporate rentals are what you are looking for, Key Housing can provide a selection of locations to choose from. Continue reading