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Burbank’s Top Short Term Housing & Corporate Rentals Service, Key Housing Announces Featured Property for March, 2017

Burbank, California – March 1, 2017. Key Housing, a leading corporate rental service offering hard-to-find properties for short term rentals throughout California, is proud to announce its featured property for March, 2017. The property is known as “Avalon Burbank,” and is located in Burbank, California, in the county of Los Angeles. Continue reading

At Los Gatos Short Term Rentals Share Your Latte with a Mountain Lion

Los Gatos short term rentals are a unique two-for-one deal, putting you with one foot in Silicon Valley, the other foot in the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Range. Los Gatos is located in the San Francisco Bay Area at the southwest corner of San Jose in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Continue reading

Carlsbad Furnished Apartments: It’s a Two-fer, with Oceanside Next Door

If have been a regular Boy Scout these past few years (brave, thrifty, kind, helping old ladies across the street, and said your prayers every night, and additionally have been very good in you past lives (this is California, karma counts) you might get a corporate assignment that lands you in a Carlsbad furnished apartment. Continue reading

San Francisco Furnished Rentals Leader, Key Housing Announces Updated Listings for Peninsula Region

San Francisco, California – February 29, 2016. Key Housing, a top-rated service for San Francisco furnished rentals , is proud to announce the February / March release of updated listings for the San Francisco Peninsula, the area between the city of San Francisco proper and Silicon Valley to the south. Continue reading

San Francisco Furnished Apartments: Endless Summer isn’t Only for Southern California

Summer is almost done! The areas above will see bookings level off as intern and Co-op employees prepare for their return home from their summer programs, in late August and September. Now is the time to think about the San Francisco furnished apartments that will suffice for your temporary housing needs in the fall and winter months! Continue reading

Los Angeles Furnished Rentals Can be Your Home Sweet (Temporary) Home

The business of establishing corporate headquarters and major satellite locations is subject to quite a number of competing factors. In addition to incredible salaries and benefits, companies must consider things like climate in order to remain competitive in recruiting top notch employees. Here’s an example of psychology of motivating the workers. Everyone who’s excited about Des Moines, raise your hand! Someone, anyone? Exactly my point. No offense to the good folks of Iowa, but it’s not a “draw” for most people. How about Las Vegas? Quite a few hands this time. But perhaps not conducive to productivity of the work force, too many distractions.

Los Angeles is the new Goldilocks location,Los Angeles, California, Furnished Rentals “just right” for a lot of reasons. Ready to pack your bags and join the new migration to California? Inevitably, Los Angeles furnished rentals are at a premium there, so some planning may be in order.

Los Angeles Furnished Rentals: Location, Location, Location

The old real-estate maxim applies to Los Angeles furnished rentals was as well as any other form of housing, it’s all about location. Finance and technology companies are settling in Los Angeles at the behest of their current and future employees. And, Los Angeles continues to be the place where dreams come to life, with the film and entertainment industries continuing to draw talent from around the world.

To Dream the Impossible Dream: Affordable Furnished Apartments in Los Angeles

OK, it is not so bad as that, Los Angeles furnished rentals are not impossible to find. But some ground-work must be laid. Key Housing has been present in the Los Angeles market for many years, and has developed relationships throughout the region, and is well equipped to assist individuals or companies with the task of finding Los Angeles furnished rentals. It makes sense to go with experience, together we can fulfill your L.A. dream.

You can browse all of our Los Angeles Furnished Rentals here.

If you have concerns about Key Housing, or just want to allow us to help you find the best corporate rentals in California, please call us at (800) 989-0410.


Key Housing Announces November Santa Monica Furnished Rentals Feature to Be Avalon Santa Monica on Main

Key Housing, a service providing Santa Monica furnished rentals, is proud to announce their November featured property for Santa Monica, Avalon Santa Monica on Main.  The property featured is embedded in an informative blog post on three reasons why Santa Monica furnished rentals are incredibly valuable.

“Santa Monica is one of the hottest places to live in the Los Angeles area,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “Many corporate renters and relocating families are surprised at the high rents, until the see the city’s beauty, its excellent location, and the amenities provided in many of our apartment units.”

Santa Monica Furnished RentalTo learn more about Santa Monica furnished rentals, including the November feature of Avalon Santa Monica on Main, please visit http://blog.keyhousing.com/?p=89 (for the blog post), or http://www.keyhousing.com/rightside.asp?action=form3&ID=791 (for Avalon Santa Monica on Main, and information on its furnished Santa Monica rentals).  Avalon Santa Monica on Main was chosen for its location, beauty, and top amenities.  The featured property is located at 2000 Main Street, Santa Monica, California, 90405 and has one bedrooms starting at $4650 (rates subject to change).

Three Reasons Why Santa Monica Apartments are Worth It

Key Housing Connections features properties throughout California as part of its website inventory of furnished apartments, short term rentals, and corporate rentals. The company strives to provide not only the best values in available rentals but also friendly, fast service via its website.  Communities like Santa Monica can be difficult to manage, given the shortage of affordable yet high quality rentals. Therefore, the blog post provides three informational justifications for the high rents in Santa Monica and environs. These are 1) the inventory of Key Housing is often top-of-the-line with nice furnishings and great amenities, 2) many rentals are just minutes from the beaches, and 3) furnished rentals give corporate renters or others the peace of mind to not have to worry about their living arrangements, and instead to concentrate on the wonderful things to do in the Santa Monica area. Interested parties are referred to the blog for full information.

About Key Housing Connections

Based in Folsom, California, Key Housing Connections Inc. specializes in corporate housing and corporate rentals in large cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Jose as well as smaller cities like San Mateo, Pasadena and Walnut Creek. Key Housing is a leader in affordable, friendly, short-term and corporate housing rentals in places like Redwood City, Santa Monica, Newport Beach and just about every city in California. Whether it’s serviced apartments or a furnished rental, just search, click or call today!

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