Being the Best Short Term Rentals Blog

Well, we are joining the WordPress revolution! As the leader in short term rentals in California, we live and breathe in a high-tech state. For example, we have so many people coming to us, looking for short-term rentals in San Francisco (clearly a hi-tech city), not to mention short term rentals in cities as diverse as Palo Alto or San Jose.  We speak tech!

California Short Term RentalsBut we also get people from far away – cities like Tulsa or Kansas City – and they are just as savvy at using the Internet, as they come to California for a short term assignment, and they are looking for the best place to locate short term rentals in the Golden State. We’ve want to cater to their needs, as well.

Questions (and Answers) on Short Term Rentals

For example -

  • How do you find a great corporate rental in California?
  • Should you stay in one of those ‘Extended Stay’ hotels, or are you better off using a service like Key Housing to find a more amendable place to hang your hat?
  • What cities have which properties and how do you locate a vendor that can help you find great places to stay, at reasonable prices?

We plan to address all those questions, as well as share information on our featured properties and cities. And, while we’re at it, we can even discuss some fun-filled linguistic differences.  Did you know, for example, that many Europeans look for Serviced Apartments in California?  (That phrase is not used in American English, by the way).

So our goal with our blog is to share information about short-term and corporate housing in California – cities as diverse as Los Angeles and Bakersfield, Fresno and Berkeley – and make our website the “goto” place for busy folks looking to find rentals.  Enjoy!