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Finding a Serviced Apartment San Francisco is Like Looking for a Needle in a Haystack

If you are from Europe and looking for a serviced apartment San Francisco on your own, then good luck with that! It’s a fact that San Francisco has the tightest housing market of any city in the United States – and that includes New York City! Continue reading

Lee McDonald

Lee McDonald is a prolific writer with an interest in everything housing. While frolicking around the state of California, from Eureka in the North to San Diego in the South, Lee writes about his experiences. Lee McDonald, JM Internet GroupAdmittedly, California is a high expense state, especially when it comes to corporate housing and other types of short term housing in cities as diverse as San Francisco and San Diego.

Beyond writing for this blog, Lee’s interest include sky diving, hiking, and the art (and science) of online learning. You can contact Lee via the JM Internet Group.