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San Francisco Corporate Housing Leader, Key Housing Announces an Update to its Short-Term Housing Information Web Page on the Bay Area City

San Francisco, California – May 31, 2016. Key Housing, a top-rated corporate housing service for the city of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, is proud to announce a major information-on-demand update to their informational page on the short-term corporate housing market in San Francisco. In this way, the company is helping those people looking for corporate housing to find available units in what is one what is the tightest apartment market in California, during the busiest season of the year (summer). Continue reading

San Diego Corporate Housing Leader, Key Housing Announces a New Blog Post Covering San Diego’s Housing Availabilities

San Diego, California – May 27, 2016. Key Housing, a top-rated corporate housing service for the San Diego area, is happy to announce a summer update to their blog, detailing the developing situation in the San Diego corporate housing market. Key Housing is helping those people looking for corporate housing to find suitable quality housing in what is one of the tightest apartment markets in California, during the busy summer, 2016, season. Continue reading

Burbank Furnished Apartments Fly Beneath the Radar

There was a time when Burbank didn’t get much respect, feeling that it was a very junior partner to the more glamorous Hollywood, just to the south. But Burbank furnished apartments are having the last laugh, as over the years more and more media giants have established a large presence in the city. Walt Disney corporation, Warner Brothers, ABC television, and KCET public television are all major forces in the local economy. Continue reading

Cupertino Corporate Housing: Like Living in a Theme Park?

Quiz time! Cupertino, California is famous for which resident? Stop and think for a moment, I’ll wait… If you said Charlie Tagawa, an immigrant Japanese musician and National Banjo Hall of Fame inductee, then all I can say is that either you are Steven Martin (also a notable banjo player) or that you march to the tune of a different drummer (strummer?). Continue reading

La Jolla Serviced Apartments: Tempting to Call in Sick to Work

From time to time we come upon ideas and objects there are difficult to classify precisely. Is this program behavior a bug, or a feature? Is this substance a floor wax, or dessert topping? If you were living in La Jolla serviced apartments, you might need to apply the same query to yourself: Am I a resident, or a tourist? Our advice: go ahead and be both, we won’t stand in your way. Continue reading