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San Francisco Furnished Apartments: Endless Summer isn’t Only for Southern California

Summer is almost done! The areas above will see bookings level off as intern and Co-op employees prepare for their return home from their summer programs, in late August and September. Now is the time to think about the San Francisco furnished apartments that will suffice for your temporary housing needs in the fall and winter months! Continue reading

Los Angeles Furnished Rentals Can be Your Home Sweet (Temporary) Home

The business of establishing corporate headquarters and major satellite locations is subject to quite a number of competing factors. In addition to incredible salaries and benefits, companies must consider things like climate in order to remain competitive in recruiting top notch employees. Here’s an example of psychology of motivating the workers. Everyone who’s excited about Des Moines, raise your hand! Someone, anyone? Exactly my point. No offense to the good folks of Iowa, but it’s not a “draw” for most people. How about Las Vegas? Quite a few hands this time. But perhaps not conducive to productivity of the work force, too many distractions.

Los Angeles is the new Goldilocks location,Los Angeles, California, Furnished Rentals “just right” for a lot of reasons. Ready to pack your bags and join the new migration to California? Inevitably, Los Angeles furnished rentals are at a premium there, so some planning may be in order.

Los Angeles Furnished Rentals: Location, Location, Location

The old real-estate maxim applies to Los Angeles furnished rentals was as well as any other form of housing, it’s all about location. Finance and technology companies are settling in Los Angeles at the behest of their current and future employees. And, Los Angeles continues to be the place where dreams come to life, with the film and entertainment industries continuing to draw talent from around the world.

To Dream the Impossible Dream: Affordable Furnished Apartments in Los Angeles

OK, it is not so bad as that, Los Angeles furnished rentals are not impossible to find. But some ground-work must be laid. Key Housing has been present in the Los Angeles market for many years, and has developed relationships throughout the region, and is well equipped to assist individuals or companies with the task of finding Los Angeles furnished rentals. It makes sense to go with experience, together we can fulfill your L.A. dream.

You can browse all of our Los Angeles Furnished Rentals here.

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San Jose Corporate Rentals: Live Like a King

Through history there have been many failed contenders to the thrones of kings. An upstart duke, or a cousin from the next kingdom over. It usually ends badly for them, as the king usually has the foresight to surround himself with men of arms, usually very, very sharp arms. A “cut-throat” business indeed.

San Diego Corporate HousingThe modern-day technology business is not quite as brutal. Yet a similar fate, at least metaphorically, awaits challengers to the current “king” of technology, San Jose and the Silicon Valley. These locations continue to be the world leaders of computer and software high-technology, and technology funding. All of which serves to explain why San Jose corporate rentals are in such desperately short supply.

Pretenders to the Throne of Silicon Valley, California

Other regions within the U.S. have made serious strides in developing their respective tech offerings. Austin has attracted many companies, and some of the biggest companies are betting on Seattle. And guess what: They are having housing issues now as well, long-term as well as short-term.  As a somewhat perverse point of pride, we can still hold up the “We’re #1” banner, as the local market for Silicon Valley / San Jose corporate rentals is still the hottest in the nation, meaning it can be the hardest in terms of finding a suitable placement.

Overseas the situation is similar. India is striving mightily to get up to speed, supporting technology development in Bangalore, and London has it’s own technology hub (but it is so huge a  city, the hub doesn’t create that big a splash). Tel Aviv is an often overlooked center of tech, which has been slowly coming into it’s own the last few years. Again, each site may have it’s housing challenges, but it’s worse with San Jose corporate rentals.

San Jose Corporate Rentals: Start Looking Yesterday

But all said and done, the “Valley” remains the center of the universe for all things “tech”. As a consequence housing, of all types, is expensive and in great demand. And in particular the supply of Silicon Valley / San Jose corporate housing is very tight. Over the past twenty one years, Key Housing has developed relationships throughout the region, and is well equipped to assist individuals or companies with their housing needs. Because of this high demand, prices are correspondingly high, but not quite to the level of a king’s ransom yet.

You can browse all of our San Jose corporate rentals here.

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San Diego Short Term Rentals Let You Explore the Hidden Gems of Southern California

San Diego’s reputation precedes it. It is still the city with ‘perfect weather’, and as such, continues to attract businesses and individuals from all over the world, and this is definitely the reason there are many San Diego short term rentals to be found. Everyone knows the standard attractions in the region (e.g. SeaWorld, golfing at Torrey Pines) What’s the only downside? Since everyone knows It gets ever harder to come up with marketing slogans to lure visitors from competing locales. “Just as nice as Florida but without the hurricanes” does not quite do the trick!

Hidden Gems of San Diego

San Diego Furnished RentalsIn addition to the regular stops on a visitor’s circuit, you could add more out-of-the-way locations, of which there are many. Here’s a sampler of places within easy reach of any and all San Diego short term rentals:

Coronado Sand Dunes –  A stretch of pure white sand dunes and beaches a bit to the north of San Diego. No need to travel all the way to Hawaii for a glimpse of white sand.

Heritage Park Victorian Village – A cluster of restored Victorian homes. Take that San Francisco, you’re not the only city with “painted ladies”!

Hummingbird Cottage – The San Diego Zoo is well-known, but the open-air aviary for hummingbirds it little visited.  Has the world’s largest species of hummer, which sounds odd doesn’t it?

San Diego Short Term Rentals: Mixing Work and Pleasure

So the upshot is that wonderful weather, a great Pacific Rim location, and plenty of places to visit and experiences to have creates tremendous pull for “quality of life” reasons. This means that San Diego short term rentals can be hard to find. We work with a deep bench of local marketing experts, and can find a great temporary home for you while you work and play in the San Diego sun.

You can browse all of our San Diego short term rentals here.

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San Francisco Bay Area Corporate Housing Leader, Key Housing Announces Double-Winner as Apartment Community for September, 2015

Key Housing, a top-rated corporate housing service for the San Francisco Bay Area, is proud to announce their September, 2015, featured apartment community: Strata at Mission Bay. Continue reading